Bitstamp Earn Lending: April 2024 Performance Report released

Crypto lending enthusiasts, we've just released the April 2024 report for our Bitstamp Earn Lending service, bringing you another month of clear, straightforward insights.What’s inside the report?Our report, created in collaboration with our lending partner Tesseract, offers a clear, straightforward overview of our crypto lending service's performance for April 2024. It's designed for both experienced lenders and those new to the world of crypto lending.This report gives you direct insights into the current crypto market, highlighting key trends and revealing new opportunities. You'll find detailed data on our service's growth, active loans, asset distribution, borrower collateral strength, and debt-to-equity ratios, among other critical metrics.We're committed to transparency, safety, and security in our lending service. This report is crafted to give you a comprehensible and uncluttered understanding of our product's performance and risks, free from confusing jargon or complexity.Get ready for valuable insights!Download April 2024 Lending Report here* The availability of Bitstamp Earn Lending depends on many considerations, including the entity to which you are onboarded and the jurisdiction where you reside. Lending is not available in the US, UK, and Singapore.*Subject to terms and conditions. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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